magic massager for Dummies

The Swan Wand is easily Swan's most effective model. Beautiful in design, extraordinary in power, the Swan Wand is perfect for soothing sore muscles, or for some fun for adventurous & your naughty.

The Swan Wand is almost seamless using a silicone finish that is 100%. It's waterproof, soft and smooth for a luxurious feel like none other.

If you're seeking the perfect mix of fun and power, the Swan Wand features 2 PowerBullet motors - one at each suggestion - with 7 functions each. Using a simple button for every vibration, place for experiment or fun by trying a vibration that was different on each end. Each tip is able to be used by itself.

For ease and portability, the Swan Wand has a journey lock and is wand massager charged with a USB cord. Just disconnect it when the charge is complete and it is ready for use.

Research & titillate each part of your body with the powerful Swan yet!

It steps 2.15″ around and, if you know me and my passion for toys which cover"big swathes", you know this excited me. Then I flipped it on. Holy rumbly Batman! Just holding this item in my hands I felt the rumbles. While I'm fixated on the end that was big what is more, it got one of these rumbly motors on each end. Sean from BMS Factory turned it on and turned it all the way up and I just sort of stood there in awe for a few minutes. I was in love. As it was time I had a hard time putting it down. Then I officially had a hard time shutting it off... you press both buttons simultaneously - after you know it, it's easy peasy but I didn't have that"wait, it keeps only changing modes!" moments.

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